Choice and switching

Switch online

In Victoria, you can choose which company to buy your electricity and gas from.

There are hundreds of energy offers (also known as plans or deals) to choose from and each has different prices, terms and conditions. For an average household, the difference between the cheapest and the most expensive deal is often a few hundred dollars a year.

Find and compare energy offers

Use the Victorian Government's independent, easy to use Victorian Energy Compare website to find and compare offers for your home.  Unlike privately operated price comparison websites, Victorian Energy Compare is:

  • independent
  • up-to-date
  • complete - showing all the generally available electricity and gas offers in Victoria.

Victorian Energy Compare makes things simple by calculating the cheapest energy offers for your home.  To get started you'll need a computer, a recent energy bill and some information about your house.  The best thing is that Victorian Energy Compare is completely free to use.

Check the details

While finding a lower price is probably your top priority, it’s important to also check the terms and conditions to find out if there's a contract, how you'll be billed and how you can pay.  Watch our short video on what to look out for (other than price) when shopping for energy offers.

Be careful with discounts

The best way to compare energy offers is using the Victorian Energy Compare website.  Offers that you see advertised with large discounts may not automatically result in the cheapest deals.  Our video, Discount Off What, looks in to discounts in more detail.

Once you find a good offer

  • Check with the company sending you bills to see if they are able to match the new offer.
  • If they’re unable to match the offer, check to see if you must pay an exit fee to leave.  Most exit fees are about $20 - you don't usually have to 'pay out your remaining contract', as with mobile phone plans, when changing energy companies.

If you decide to change companies:

  • Contact the retailer of the new offer and mention the name of the offer or give them the offer ID as shown on the Victorian Energy Compare website.
  • Before agreeing to the terms and conditions, ask any questions you may have (for example, what is the company’s policy on price changes, will you receive a paper bill and what options are there to pay the bill?).  Don't forget to provide your concession card details, if you have one.

If you’re happy, the new energy company will organise the rest – you do not need to contact your old energy company.

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