Energy basics

Telegraph pole with power cables

Your energy retailer and distributor are an important part of the energy system, but what do they do and when should you contact them? 


Your retailer is the company that sends your energy bill and it is their logo that appears on the bill. There are around 20 retailers in Victoria (the number of retailers changes as companies merge and new companies appear) and you can choose which of these companies you want to sell energy to your home.  

You should speak to a retailer about getting electricity or gas connected, choosing an energy offer, and paying your bill.  A list of the retailers operating in Victoria is available here.

Most of your contact with the energy system will be through your retailer but sometimes you may need to speak with your distributor.  


Your distributor is the company that owns and manages the poles and wires that move energy to your home.  They also own and maintain the meter that measures the amount of electricity and gas you use.  

You cannot choose your distributor as it's based on where you live in Victoria.  There are 5 distributors. 

You should speak with your distributor if your gas or electricity supply is interrupted and if there is an emergency, such as a fallen power cable or power pole.  To contact your distributor look for the faults and emergencies telephone number on your bill.  You can also search for your distributor here.

Reading bills

Energy bills contain a lot of information which can be confusing.  It is a good idea to check your bill to keep track of your energy use, how much you are paying and to make sure there are no errors.

Our short video shows you the things to look for when you get your bill to help you stay informed and in control.

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