Paying bills

If you have a Health Care, Pension or Veterans' Affairs concession card, you are entitled to receive a concession to make your energy bill more affordable.

Annual Electricity Concession and Winter Gas Concession 

Your concession card gives you an automatic 17.5% reduction on your gas and electricity charges with the Annual Electricity Concession and Winter Gas Concession (that’s a saving of around $400 for the typical household).

The Annual Electricity Concession and Winter Gas Concession are automatically applied to your bill by your retailer when you provide them with your concession card details.  To check if you are receiving your concessions make sure the the words Annual Electricity Concession appear on every electricity bill and the words Winter Gas Concession are written on the gas bills you receive from 1 May to 31 October.

Other government concessions

In Victoria, there are several other energy concessions that help make energy costs more affordable.  These include:

  • Service to Property Charge Concession
  • Controlled Load Electricity Concession
  • Electricity Transfer Fee Waiver
  • Excess Electricity Concession
  • Excess Gas Concession
  • Non-Mains Energy Concession
  • Medical Cooling Concession
  • Life Support Concession

To find out more or to apply for a concession speak to the company that sends your energy bill or call the Concessions Information line on 1800 658 521. Click here to view a list of all the energy concessions available in Victoria.

Concessions can make a big difference to your energy costs, so it’s important to check your bill to make sure your concessions are recorded, and to tell your retailer every time you receive a new concession card.

Learn more about Concessions: