I'm confused! I'm looking at changing electricity companies but am finding it hard to compare offers due to the differences in rates and discounts. What should I do?


Hi Di,


Yes, with 16 energy retailers in Victoria and over 4,000 different electricity deals it can be confusing.  As you've noticed there's differences in the rate each retailer charges you for being connected to the network (supply or service to property charges) and for each unit of electricity you use (kWh).  And on top of this retailers then offer different discounts, incentives and contracts.


So, to cut a long story short, you're best bet is to use the free, independent Victorian Government website My Power Planner.  By answering a few questions, My Power Planner will estimate your annual electricity costs with each of the retailers and display them from cheapest to most expensive.  You can then compare details of each of the offers you're interested in.  If you find one you like, call the retailer to discuss.