Where can I get an in-home display?


Hi Don,

A list of businesses that provide In-Home Displays (IHDs) can be found here.


For anyone wondering what an IHD is, here's some additional information:

IHDs are small, portable devices that display information about electricity use and costs. IHDs work by connecting with a person's smart meter. They take information from the smart meter and show how much electricity is being used (and, sometimes, how much it is costing) at a particular moment. IHDs are fairly new, and households don’t get one automatically. Most people who have a smart meter don’t have an IHD.

IHDs have a screen that displays text and numbers. Some also use coloured 'traffic lights' to show whether the household is using a small or large amount of electricity. The lights can make it quick and easy to notice when a lot of electricity is being used.  

An IHD can help people to get a better understanding of their electricity use, such as:

  • whether they are using a lot of electricity at that moment, or on that day
  • which appliances use a lot of electricity
  • how much electricity is being used by appliances that aren’t actually being used, but have not been turned off at the wall (this is called ‘standby’ power)
  •  when the household typically uses the most and least electricity