Successful pilot of energy workshops in Morwell and Churchill

Morwell Energy Workshop

Saving energy and taking control of your bill can be easy, as residents of Churchill and Morwell found out at two energy workshops run by the Consumer Utilities Advocacy Centre and local electricity distributor, AusNet Services.

Tess, one of the participants at the Morwell workshop, couldn't believe how much she could save simply by using the Victorian Government's Victorian Energy Compare website at the free workshop.  Taking less than 10 minutes to complete online, Tess found that she could save $200 a year by switching to a better energy offer. 

And the savings don’t need to stop there as there are other things you can do to take back control and shrink your bill. Start with these three simple steps:

  1. Compare, switch and save using the free and independent Victorian Energy Compare website ( to find cheaper energy offers.  Nine out of ten households can save using this site with half the users saving $700 per year on their gas and electricity bills.
  2. If you have a concession card, check your bill to make sure you’re receiving Victorian Government concessions, these can save the average household around $400 a year.  Contact your energy company if concessions don’t appear on your bill.
  3. Shrink your bill by saving energy around the home. One of the best ways to save is by using a thermometer to control the temperature of heating and cooling appliances. Aim to heat rooms to 20oC, cool rooms to 24oC, and keep fridges at 5oC, and freezers at -15oC. Any unnecessary heating or cooling uses more energy with each extra 1oC costing about 10% more.

The free energy workshops were held in Churchill and Morwell in March at La Trobe Community Health Services and were part of a pilot project between the Consumer Utilities Advocacy Centre and AusNet Services to assist people to understand and take control of their energy bills.