2 Best offer from your energy company

It’s easy to get on your company’s best offer and save money.

The Victorian Government has a new rule in place to make energy companies responsible for giving you their cheapest energy plan. It’s called the ‘best offer’.

Your energy bill now tells you if there is a cheaper energy plan available for your home.

Look for the words ‘could you save money on another plan?’ on your energy bill.

This isn’t a marketing ploy by the company. It’s a requirement from the Victorian Government to make energy companies responsible for giving you the cheapest energy plan available, based on how you currently use electricity and gas.


It’s likely you’re not on your energy company’s cheapest plan at the moment (companies have dozens of different ones) so taking advantage of these fairer rules is an easy way to save money.

So, if your bill says you can save, call your energy company and ask for the ‘best offer’.

Our video shows you what to say and what to expect when you call your energy company about the best offer.


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