Utility Relief Grant Scheme (URGS)

Help to pay unpaid bills.

With the Utility Relief Grant Scheme (URGS), you can get help with up to $1,300 off what you owe on your energy bills. You can get up to $650 for electricity and $650 for gas every two years (or $1,300 if you only have electricity)​.

To apply for the grant, you must have:​

  • your name on the energy bill
  • a concession card (or a low income*)
  • unexpected increases in costs or​ decreases in income​.

The grant is also available for anyone who has experienced family violence.​

*Low income for this grant is:

  • $52,000 for single income households
  • $78,988 for duel income households

To access this grant, call your energy company and tell them you’d like to apply for the Utility Relief Grant Scheme.

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