3 Heating and cooling

Heating and cooling are a big part of your overall bill.  The good news is you can save without compromising on comfort.

Don’t pay for heat or aircon you don’t need

Every degree counts. You pay for every degree of heating or cooling. This means if your room gets too hot, and you’re sitting in a T-shirt in the middle of winter, you could probably turn the heater down or even off.

It’s way more cost-effective to maintain a comfortable temperature – most folks find 20ºC about right, when wearing a jumper.

In summer, an aircon temperature of 26ºC will keep you comfortable.


Fix those leaks

You’ve worked hard to pay for that heating and cooling. Don’t let it escape.

Here’s how:

  • seal any gaps around windows
  • check for any open unused chimneys and have them blocked up
  • in the evening, close the curtains and blinds to stop cold windows cooling down any warm air
  • use draft excluders around closed doors.


Get cosy and shrink the area you’re heating or cooling

By closing doors to any rooms you’re not using, you’re shrinking the area you need to heat or cool. Smaller space = lower costs. After all, there’s no point paying for something you’re not using.


Switch off when it’s time for you to switch off

Running heating or cooling overnight is expensive. And, let’s face it, you’re asleep for most of it.

If you do feel the cold at night, then heating your bed with an electric blanket before you sleep is a much cheaper option – it only costs about 10 cents a night.

In the middle of summer, use the aircon when it’s too hot to manage. Think of the fan as a cheaper alternative – you can use 20 fans for the same price as one aircon, which is quite a saving.

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